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Hygiene measures for infections with the new corona virus (2019-nCoV) from Wuhan, China


Special features of the novel corona virus

What is the novel corona virus?

The new pathogen belongs to the corona virus strain. It is known that the new pathogen is a beta coronavirus that is over 80 percent genetically identical to the SARS coronavirus.

Where does the new corona virus come from?

The virus probably comes from wild animals. Accordingly, there were first transmissions from animals to humans, then transmissions from human to human. However, no direct transition from animals to humans is assumed, but an as yet unidentified intermediate host.

Diagnostics and therapy


Specific diagnostics must be carried out for:

▪ People with suspected pneumonia and stay in the risk area 14 days before the onset of the disease

▪ Symptomatic people who have had contact with a confirmed case


The virus can be detected directly using a diagnostic test. The sample material should be taken from both the upper and lower airways. A single negative virus detection does not rule out the infection. If the course is severe, multiple tests are recommended.


No specific therapy is currently available (January 2020). Therapy is therefore purely symptomatic. However, existing antiviral drugs are being examined.


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