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In Zeyco we are convinced that teamwork is instrumental for success, which is why we would like to know your business better and the market in your country, this with the sole purpose of focusing the efforts where they are more needed.

    Personal information:
    Name (mandatory)
    Email (mandatory)
    Consumer’s characteristics:
    1. How would you define the consumption habits of your country’s dentists? (Select all the options that you consider correct)
    Consumers are faithful to a brand or productThey like to explore different brands or productsThey prefer national productsThey prefer import productsThe price is determining in the purchasing decisionAdvertising influences in the purchasing decisionMouth to mouth recommendation influences in the purchasing decisionThey buy onlineThey prefer to buy on physical storesOthers (Specify):
    About your business:
    2.What is your business model?
    Sales to distributorsSales to the final consumer (dentist)Both
    3.How many branches do you have?
    4.How many distributors do you have?
    5.Do you sell to the government and/or universities?
    6.Do you have agreements with universities? (If you do, select all the options that you consider)
    I do not haveParticipation in their anniversary eventsParticipation in their Dentist’s DayLectures and table clinics for teachers and studentsHelp to organize conferences with opinion leaders physiciansParticipation in their sports eventsHelp to carry out studies and researchOthers (Specify):
    7.Do you have a stand in dental commercial exhibition?
    NoYes, mention the most important:
    8.Does your company have a marketing or promotion department?
    9.In your website, do you have a dedicated section for our products/brand? (Specify the URL)
    10.In a scale from 1 to 5 where 1 is not familiar at all, and 5 is very familiar. How familiar are dentists in your country with online purchasing?
    11.Do you sell online?
    12.Where do you advertise our products? (Choose all the options that you use)
    Social mediaDigital platforms (Google, blogs)Printouts (leaflets, flyers)Congress, exposRadio/TelevisionOthers (Specify):
    Positioning in your country:
    13.In a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is little and 5 is a lot, how well positioned do you think the Zeyco brand is in your country?
    14.What is the perception of the dentists in your country about our product’s quality?
    15.What is the perception of the dentists in your country about our product’s price?
    16.Do you have a representative or a specialist for our brand?
    17.What do you think is our biggest opportunity or challenge Zeyco has in your country?
    18.Do you have a positioning plan/strategy for the Zeyco brand?
    NoYes, specify:
    About the competition:
    19.Is there a national manufacturing brand of anesthetics in your country?
    NoI do not knowYes, mention which:
    20.What other brands of anesthetics are sold in your country? Mention all the ones you know.
    SeptodontNovocol3MDLADFLSS whiteNew SteticRopsohnInibsaPierrelNormonCristaliaHuonsOthers (Specify):
    21.Mention 3 brands that you consider as the main competition.
    21.1 What market percentage do they have?
    Competition 1
    Market percentage
    Competition 2
    Market percentage
    Competition 3
    Market percentage
    22.Which do you think is the best competitive advantage of our product over the competition?
    23.Which do you think is the greatest disadvantage of our products when compared to the competition?
    24. Do you have any idea that can help position out products in your country?