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Since our establishment, we have been an organization that cares about and takes care of achieving a balance between meeting the needs and expectations of stakeholders (customers, shareholders, suppliers, co-workers and society) from our organization. This is because, our main goal goes beyond profit, and we believe that our better strategy is that of encouraging our people to have passion for contributing to a better environment, a better society and a better Mexico.

Our purpose

To state the previous, we have synthetized our core purpose on the following phrase:

 “We are convinced that better people make a better company and a better company, through its people, makes A BETTER SOCIETY”

Our vision

To clearly establish what we are going to achieve if we stay committed with our purpose, we have set our corporate vision, which reads:

To be acknowledged as a great place to work, as a company contributing to the development of its surroundings and a trade reference point.

Our mission

To clearly establish how we are going to reach our vision, we have set our corporate mission, which reads:

Contribute to health, by offering drugs, medical devices and personal care products, manufactured and commercialized by people committed themselves, to others and environment.


Our purpose includes key factors to succeed. Such aspects are part of our DNA, elements that include 4 principles and 10 values:


Our values

Service quality. To ensure our internal and external client’s satisfaction, being supportive and careful with implicit details.


Competitiveness. To increase our profitability, taking advantage of available resources and getting the best result.

Improvement. To achieve constant advance, getting the development of what we do with the best possible precision.


Civic conscience. To apply ethical principles, civic and anti-corruption practices.

Positive advising. To guide others, encouraging integrity, respect, gratitude, forgiveness and justice.


Friendship. To focus our effort on common results, being supportive, grateful and merciful.

Social conscience. To contribute to our community development, being supportive and active participants.


Environmental awareness. To take care of the environment. Reducing, reusing and recycling.

Physical well-being. To keep a healthy physical condition, being responsible for our feeding and exercising on a daily basis.


Mental and spiritual well-being. To keep a balance between mind and spirit, developing a life purpose with regard to God.



We believe that at a place where there are adequate working conditions, healthy habits, good relationships and social contribution practices are encouraged, a better work is generated, and this is why we created BiO.