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To contribute to environmental preservation, we have committed to reducing the environmental footprint.
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To this purpose we have created the program GREEN ZEYCO, which results from one of our corporate DNA principles: “Respect of the environment”

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This is how we take care of the planet at Zeyco

What are we looking for?

To promote that our company’s operations comply with all environmental laws and regulations as applicable.
To use resources efficiently.
To integrate our co-workers into a culture for environment protection and caring.

What do we do?

We are aware that our daily activities have a significant impact on environment, this is why we have decided to take over the commitment to making up for and reducing such an impact. All these by implementing, operating and evaluating different campaigns and initiatives, in 4 different fields:

Trash and plastic

R3 Reduce, reusing, recycling: Through this initiative we are looking for promoting the proper handling of residues, improving their management at our company.
We have stations for separation of residues:
  • Organic
  • Inorganic
  • Glass
  • Aluminum can
  • PET bottle
zeyco verde
These residues are sent to recycling companies through our residues collecting supplier, who every month provide us with the reports for: delivery, transportation and reception of special handling residues, confirming the final disposal of them.
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Styrofoam and straws using is not allowed at our facility.We have decided to acquire this internal commitment, which reaches our suppliers, that is, using Styrofoam and straws is not allowed inside our facility. As a supplementary solution, through the project Zeyco store, we want our coworkers can find ecological products as an alternative for substituting the straws and Styrofoam (among others) so they can take this commitment to their homes.

Water saving

Process water handling.
  1. We have a process water recirculation system, water is recovered and sent to our cisterns to be after used again, generating about 10,000-liter saving a day.
  2. Residual water coming from purifier equipment used by our manufacturing process is stored in a 10,000-liter capacity cistern to be used for watering our green areas.
zeyco verde
Ecological urinals: We have chosen using waterless urinals which do not need a constant water sourcing, avoiding unnecessary consumption.


ZEYCO Garden center: Sustainable integral project, the main aim of which is to take advantage of the natural cycle of life of plants at La Primavera Forest and contributing to its reforestation.
This project includes from endemic acorn seeds gathering taken directly from “La Primavera” forest, by members of our Zeyco Racing Team (ZEYCO’s co-workers having passion for going biking, swimming and/or running) up to reforestation time.
How do we do it?
We have an area designated as “Zeyco Garden Center” inside our facility where co-workers together with our gardening personnel are in charge of caring for the growth and applying fertilizer to acorn seeds to watch that the total of seeds planted at the garden center reaches the optimal age to be replanted in the forest when the rainy season is begun, thus increasing successful possibilities with reforestation.
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Why choosing “La Primavera” Forest?
La Primavera forest is a wide wooding zone located at the Mexican State of Jalisco. Its location is west Guadalajara city, sharing land among the municipalities of Zapopan, Tala and Tlajomulco de Zúñiga being the “lung” of the Guadalajara metropolitan area and surroundings. Since 1934 it has received several declarations as a forest protected zone and wild animal refuge.

CO2 emission reduction

Solar energy using: We have installed 544 solar panels which will help us to reduce energy required to produce our wide range of Zeyco’s products. Unlike energy generated by fossil fuel, no carbon dioxide (CO2) hazardous emissions are released by solar energy, this is why having sustainable non-carbon energy solutions is essential to prevent major damage to the environment.
Lighting system efficiency: All our facilities have led technology lights, helping us to reduce the energy consumption.
Electric hand dryers: We have chosen to use electric hand dryers, avoiding at least 3 tons CO2 emission a year and thus saving thousands of trees that would have been used for paper towels manufacturing.